• Art is what the artist can’t resist making.
  • A B&W photo should always have a black part.
  • The world is not black and white.
  • There is no beauty without the beast.
  • Most photos are never taken.
  • Symmetry gives structure and balance.
  • Asymmetry makes symmetry interesting.
  • Less is better.
  • If the light is bad … don’t shoot.
  • Anton Corbijn is the man.
  • A photo should be graphically ok.
  • People that do not like to be photographed start photographing.
  • It’s about the light and the lines.
  • A camera is just a piece of equipment.
  • Save your smiles for the dentist.
  • Light shapes.
  • Most walls and light posts are vertical in reality.
  • A photo should have heart.
  • A good photo is interesting when held upside down.
  • A lucky shot can also be ok.
  • Photoshop and loud music go well together.
  • Nothing is important.
  • Everything is important.
  • Struggling is good for the art.
  • Ivica died too soon.



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